We Will Warn The Other Neighbors

We are going to be facing incredible threats soon.
I can 'feel' it.

From who?
What are you talking about.'

The new neighbors.
The ones who moved in across the street.
Take the binoculars and see for yourself.

'I see a family sitting at a table.
And in their dining room.
Praying together.
The husband just got up.
He's going to the kitchen.
And it looks as if he is bringing out,
A platter of fried chicken.
What is so suspicious about that? '

I know they are up to something.
A family together sitting around a table?
And eating quietly?
Using prayer as a decoy to disguise themselves.
Can't you see through that?
I can.

'Oh no.'

What's going on?

'They are eating the chicken with their hands.'

I told you something was unusual about them.

'Maybe we should call the police.'

Give me the binoculars.
I want to see which ones are either right or left handed.

'Be sure the alarm system is on.
I'm too frightened to move.
I wish you hadn't mentioned anything about this.
Should I call 911? '

Not yet.
As long as they all stay sitting at the table,
We will be okay.
Tomorrow we will warn the other neighbors.
At least they will know we are being pro-active.
But just in case...
Let's be sure all of our weapons are loaded.
And ready to use.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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