We Would Have Never Been In This Predicament

What do we do 'now'?

'We' who? '

You and me?

So NOW we are a WE?
I think you made it clear,
You were in the majority.
And I followed your lead.

But guess what?
I have never paid you any attention.
And all that stuff you said about me...
To have my wants and dreams,
As the lesser of 'your' necessities?
Is this a joke you wish to provoke?
At my expense and empathy?

There is no 'We'.
THIS has always been about you.
And YOUR activities has made that proven.
With your ethnic insinuations.
And your mandated philosophies!

Is about YOU.
If it was a 'We'...
WE would have never been in this predicament,
As an 'US'!
Not you and I...
As 'in' an US!
You must want me to cuss?
These comments spoken to you,
You can count on and trust! ?

YOU and ME?
You've had me too long on my knees! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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