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PN (Oct 1983 / Canada)


Poem By Punk Nona

I hate the way your smell lingers on me
after I spend a night in your bed
Our bed; you slipped up and called it that once;
I pretended not to notice.
I pretend a lot of things.
You leave the light on for me in
that small aromatic room
otherwise I may just trip again. Stub my toe.
Scream in muttered silence.
Can you not tell, love,
how much I'm holding back?
Taking for granted those long long nights
when the intoxication takes over me
and I speak so much better left unsaid.

Just pretend it never happened.
That's always best.

I cringe at the thought of thoughts
that are swarming your mind
only in mine. Take a deep breathe baby,
and open your eyes for a change.
Look around you..
life is short, and it's little deaths are eminent.
Sometimes you have to be cut to feel.
And right now, sweetness, it's hurting me.
Beyond what any words could ever say.
This aching inside of me that refuses to cease
is the warning. I know that this with you
is not right.
And I must be strong-
gather from the very depths
of my insides the strength, the power I need
to right now walk away.

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