Mosquito's Fun

From where it comes, God only knows.
Like a war-plane in land of foes
It spins.swirls, swishes and then swoops
On a hapless man who shouts 'oops! '
Quenches blood-thirst and then takes off
Now to attack his better-half!
Creams and oils smeared on body
Smoking coils with fumes gaudy
Sonic gadgets and pungent sprays-
Nothing can stop it from its ways.
Axe so sharp and powerful bomb
It will escape with much aplomb.
Bow and arrow, spear and hand gun
Can't stop mosquito having fun.

by Natarajan Ramaseshan

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Interesting composition of words, Garba Inuwa... I like your style... I have to think harder to find different meanings in your words...