I know you can sense my weakness,
You know that I can feel it too.
It seems I’ve been losing self control,
So there’s something I must do.

I must learn to control my longing,
I must learn to control my lust.
My mind has become weak in a sense,
Forgetting that it can keep trust.

You give me no reason for doubt in any way,
Not from the actions or the words you say.
It’s all in my head, it’s nothing you’ve said,
I must learn to control my fears.

Can you feel me, my love?
Do you feel my fear?
Not strong, yet apparent,
But I will learn, my dear.

Not just that, but patience I know,
Patience to be practiced once more.
Desires have strung me up in a noose,
Believing otherwise you’d see me a bore.

I’m trying, and now I’m perceiving,
Hardly grieving, barely breathing,
At times believing,
That you’d be leaving.

But don’t doubt my love or my trust,
Neither of these could ever rust.
Durable, toughened, unshakable,
Invulnerable, incorruptible, indestructible.

I believe I think too much of you and not enough of me,
I worry and fear of the things I could see.
My life has never been of worry but of conquering,
A life set upon nothing but pondering and wandering.

Believe me when I say that I have no doubt in you,
I love you for everything you say and do.
Just give me a little time, for time is closing in,
The 20th of February.

by Casey Gochnour

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