You are my weakness,
I cannot do a thing,
Without you in my mind,
All day long you bring.

The love you give to me,
It makes me feel so weak,
I truly am so helpless,
I really try to seek.

A simple way to say,
I won’t give in to you,
You make me oh so weak,
In everything I do.

Yes, you are my weakness,
But when we talk at length,
I observe something,
You also are my strength.

Without you there is nothing,
No sorrow hurt, or pain,
No joy, bliss or laughter,
It isn’t all in vain.

So my little weakness,
Forgive me if I get,
Impatient with my life,
For me, there’s no regret.

by Aisha Sherazi

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Aisha, 'yes, you are my weakness, .... You also are my strength.' Quite a contradiction, but you make perfect sense of it. Well done! ! Brian