VT (03/16/67 / New York City)


Your smile kills me
Stabs me like a knife
Darts from you like a laser
Straight into my soul
It hurts and it heals
It's agony and ecstasy.

Smile at me
Please don't smile at me again
Your smile is a black light
Brightens my day and darkens my life.

Go away, I don't want to see it again
Where are you going? Come back!

Good, you're going.
I'll never see you again
It's such a relief
It hurts unbearably.

Don't smile
When you don't smile, I hate you
You're going away
It's a moot point.

October 1992

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Comments (3)

yes beautiful, being confused by love, great way of writing about this! ~~Elya Thorn~~
i like it good one! Lylyanna
Alas, my smiles never seem to have this effect :) Good poem, though.