JSN (27/06/65 / Sevenoaks Kent UK)

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Thank you Mr Blair
For sending me to war
I’m sure it did me good
As I’d not seen one before

I thought that you’d be there though
To point and show the way
To those weapons of mass destruction
Which you said they had in play!

But off I went and did my bit
And came back home again
Thinking for a long time
Was there really any gain?

Now imagine my surprise
When on the news the other night
You said you’d send us anyway
Even if that wasn’t right

No WMD, it mattered not
You’d done a deal with George
That through the desert together
A battle group you’d forge

As Sadam was a bad man
And your line he didn’t tow
So you joined the old alliance
Because you thought he had to go

But was there really justification
For the war in which I served
Did it really make a difference?
Or was it actually quite absurd?

Did it make the world a safer place
For us to live in harmony
I’m not convinced myself
As it doesn’t look safe to me

Maybe I’m just a cynic
But I’m sure we have withdrawn
Leaving a bit of a mess
And a country more forlorn

JSNL 12/09

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You would make a great historian of the poetic kind...another great piece James...Just having heard Blair's responses to the Commission....I think this poem sums it all up brilliantly with a touch of humour too...