**weapons Of Mass Destructions*** (Mr. Bush Didn'T Find, But I Found)

Poem By Kolitha Lelwala

(My story: - I am a little boy of 7, I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome... Lol..... too much for my age....my father greeds on next door uncle's garden.. they were friends... but now..... like fire and cotton... so are my mother and next door aunt.... but their son and me are the best friends in our class....)

Beautiful tulips
Bloomed in their meadow
Not in my land
Wow! The lustrous shadow?

Birds simply twitter
With the hums of bees
there they chatter
mighty magpies

my land is full of cow-dung
with noisy moo sickening ear and lung
and can hardly walk around
of course without a shoe into the ground

my dad’s a farmer
so is next door man Palmer
neither gets on together
but good friends in the history rather

my mom is a housewife
fought with next door lady twice
I know this is not nice
And we little ones pay the prize

My dad was stung by bees of next door
He was furious never like before
Mr. Palmer found to be the same
Being adults it’s a shame

Both fought nastily
Ladies joined swiftly
There was a sound of poultry
Crushing the tulips lavishly

Police rushed into the field
No arms yield
But I found......

my famly or his...
or it's yours with another...
it doesn't matter
one country with the other
it never matters

but I found.....
WMA (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
“Greed, Anger & Hatred”

Comments about **weapons Of Mass Destructions*** (Mr. Bush Didn'T Find, But I Found)

You speak the truth that's more powerful than the weapons of mass destruct.
Greed, anger and hatred are indeed weapons of mass destruction. A very profound poem and one that needed to be written. you have my applause. Warm regards, Sandra
very very nice i like it it's so cool nice work keep going the good job
When I was a boy, they had signs which said 'No Tresspassers' and small as I was I didn't enter there. When I grew up I saw so called great leaders invade the lands of other people, to destroy and kill. I guess they didn't see the sign I saw. I am very very greatful that Mr Bush takes a hike next week, and is replaced by a man with compassion and empathy for our world. Well said my friend, keep it coming. Bob
An awesome poem, the so called mature statesmen of the world behaving worse then children. A good use of inductive reasoning to drive home the wisdom. Thank you for sharing it. I wish that heads of the States of the world read your poem. CP

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