(15 February 1930 - / Melbourne / Australia)


It's hard to translate one's feelings into speech,
It takes time to overcome the obstacles we meet.
Don't live life scared of what your words will bring,
Even if you fail, at least you attempted to do something.
In this life I would rather fail everyday,
And tell my stories of the one's that got away...
Then sit alone with my regrets always haunting me...
'I could have been, but I never had the courage to be.'

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they're on you and your tripes are round your neck you've copped the lot just like I said and you know what you are? You're dead, dead, dead......outstanding conceptualization. A beautiful poem is amazingly shared. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the modern poem of the poem of the day.
between your elephant ears open that drain you call a mind and listen remember first the cockpit drill when you go down be sure the old crown-jewels are safely tucked away what could be more.. a very good poem. tony
Yes I too enjoy communism, poem is alright
Love this, using this as inspiration for my story! Can't believe how i got here from, lol
Studying about the Vietnam War? I guess we're in the same boat friend
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