Wear Away

Wait why weary away words can say
Wealth can't change wash away
Walk away work pretty hard
Ungrateful and without a shepherd
Day by day laws put together
No matter how rich they break one after another
Weary head upon which dreadlocks grow
And gray hair for many years throw
Gain the sweat and smell of an ancient lord
On his return for a famous last word
Full of glory great and green in vain
For a long lost weak and in
Why should it last for revenge
Why should it cover up range and change
Crowded by birth acknowledge for a certain end
Why the wealth and want why the amend
The needs needed a must
Where will they not rust and bust
Together with wealth together with want
After the pains and pant they faint

by George Egba

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The needs needed a must and revenge should not be taken at any cost. Nice awareness poem through personal realization. Nice job on sharing.