Wearing Top Hats And Telling Long Tales

Lives lived based upon lies,
And who buys them to defend...
Leads to lives lived confused.
And believers deceived,
Eventually turning on themselves.
Making their appearances,
In those 'high' places when they do this...

With an astonishment unbelieved,
To those who witness this...
As if seeing rabbits being pulled,
From gift wrapped boxes,
Wearing top hats and telling long tales.

While a listening to puppets reading lines,
To convince anyone paying attention...
Better times are coming.
As soon as they can get better writers,
To compose an updating of times that do not exist.

'What is this going on? '

I have no idea.
I thought is was going to be a debating of issues.
Is clearly some sick stuff.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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