Weary Ocean Mind

Poem By William McGehee

My heart is loneliness profound,
My dreams are violence set afire,
My thoughts in chains are wrapped and bound,
My soul is burdened bruised and tired.

My shoulders bear a heavy load,
My legs have no more strength to stand,
My quick and sturdy step has slowed,
My cunning craft has left my hand.

But words have saved me once before;
What hope in words can I now find?
A hope to see that shining shore
That binds my ocean frame of mind.

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We are born again through fire
We live, at once, through strife.
Through tumult you can here aspire
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The ocean is the bound of the finite and the beginning of the infinite. Oh, man has, for the span of a few milinia, been free upon the waves, but not always so.

Imagine the wonder bestowed upon the first sapian to stumble upon the shore, spear in hand, and gaze into what must have seemed the void.

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