The Ecstasy Beyond The Horizon

An empty horizon,
vastness of the infinite sky.
Clouds float above the desolate seascape.
A sudden swirling breeze softly
whispers and embraces
the solitude.
One's eyes are opened and bemused by
the reflection of a mystic crimson
shade onto the clement water.
Has no courage to lose the sight.
Colour blends a little by little and stirs the stillness of the serene
silent waves where the sky touches
the sea.
A divine last cosmic ray gleams
beyond the horizon before the darkness swallows the surreal vivid vicinity,
Perhaps it brings the eternal
ecstasy to the one's soul.

by Sanzeda Sultana

Comments (3)

Vaun: You made my day. If I ever do you will get a copy with the full treatment - with my compliments of course. Thank you.
you should compile all your peoms and have them published. i would certainly buy.
Lovely H and does one find a better class of soul in sunnier climes? : -)