Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Today the sun shines,
then some clouds,
it cannot always be the same.
What I don't like about the weather
is we the people aren't allowed
to have some input - what a shame!

No consultation, consideration,
just titillation, exasperation,
and consternation, then desperation.

As thunder follows lightning strikes
I am not asked, it's just not done,
and all the while these climate spikes
can get you down or may be fun.

And when the Gods want you to pay
they punish you - they even may
condemn you if you're innocent:
The honest soul needs to repent.
And that reminds me, I hear thunder
the weather's better here -Down Under.

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Comments (3)

Vaun: You made my day. If I ever do you will get a copy with the full treatment - with my compliments of course. Thank you.
you should compile all your peoms and have them published. i would certainly buy.
Lovely H and does one find a better class of soul in sunnier climes? : -)