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The weather is changing so fast its global warming they say
We did not listen we thought them wrong now we have to pay
The wind is howling around my home I look out of my window at the broken trees
Will it ever stop will it bring humanity to its knees
The ice caps are melting the sea rises at a frightening rate
What will become of us when land is soon water what will be our fate
We hear the governments talk of ways we can improve
Be green recycle but when the flooding starts we will have no money to move
They tell us that my town will be one that disappears
Is this to give us hope or to play with our fears?
They have to increase the taxes to pay for what’s been done
By giving them more money will this help the ozone will it stop the sun
I may sound like a winger a grumpy old man
As I stand here washing out for recycle this empty bean can
If the weather keeps on changing at this dangerous rate
There is not a lot we can do just except our fate
But as a great old person once said
Don’t stand around and cry just bend right over
And kiss your ass GOODBYE

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