Weather Love

The wind, the rain, the sunset

all in one place,

is it possible for such thing to be seen all at once?

seems to me like it is every time we have those occasional small talks

when the wind comes through

it probably means your words will be cold even if its June

but they glide by my side because

i know those harsh words don't come from your sweet heart

it cant be possible for you to be kind when you're feeling cold inside

let me warm you up

you shove me aside and say no

that's when it starts to pour

the rain falling down my face

because god knows how much it hurts

to be neglected and rejected

by the person who you'll give your life away

and when it rains it thunders

and life keeps getting colder

the wind and the rain threw me over

but next day it was over

the sunset took over

this must means you're okay

no more sadness or confused face

and you take me with you once again

and we are happier than yesterday

but who said its staying this way

the weather always changes

its an unpredictable world that i face everyday

but you're worth it

you're worth the chills, the pain, the pouring rain

and you're worth everything

when the sunset is visible again.

by melissa lora

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