Weather Report.

Today it's raining cats and dogs,
Tomorrow it might be raining frogs.
If I should drink some syrup of figs,
perhaps tomorrow it will rain some pigs.
Last week we had lots and lots of snow,
My snow-mans joined the Navy you know.
Soon it will be time for April showers,
Will this help to paint the flowers.
Now I'll put on my sou'-wester,
And catch a boat that's going to Chester.
I might even make a telephone call,
To ask the sun to shine on us all.
A man I know wants to hire a boat,
Will this help him to keep afloat.
One of these days very very soon,
I'll catch a bus that's going to the moon.
In Burma I'm told they get monsoons,
They eat curried rice with wooden spoons.
There was also a man in China town,
That built his house upside down.
Now this poem is not a weather report,
And if it rains tomorrow, It's not my fault.

by Bernard Shaw

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