Weaving Colors

God has a special way of weaving all things
Into a collage of colors that He brings
He weaves them into the day all bright and new
He weaves in each color like me and you
There was not a special color that He had in mind
He just wove a rainbow which He called mankind
Colors which spread across this entire earth
Bringing a new beginning, a new birth
He never gave it a thought of what His colors stood for
He only knew that they were His to adore
So to make each one special, He gave them some land
To nurture and flourish as He has planned
Because one day He wanted them all to be
Different, but the same for all the world to see
That everything He made was equal and good
So in your hearts remember this, if you would
God made mankind many colors from above
And each one was a color that He loved
And when His tapestry is all but done
We all shall glitter and shine beneath Heaven's sun

by Diana Irish

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