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Website, Spider Style
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Website, Spider Style

Do spiders think? or simply learn
without a thought (well, lucky them)
by observation, as great scientists?
Does Nature do it all without a 'thought',
the spider just some robot, programmed thus?

The spider which the other day
built daring, acrobatic, gossamer bridge
across the path a guy-lined full six feet
so that to reach the gate, I had to genuflect
as if in some most holy church's aisle,

That bridge of San Luis Rey, already doomed
to break - the postman, paper boy, the milk -
I watched while seated in the sun for hours;

and as I watched, grew humbler by the minute;
myself the smaller in respect, the spider greater;
my lunch was cooking; the spider awaited (hers?) :

and we grew closer, in some unknown place in mind.

Today, a small, great miracle
of nature - who may be
beyond miracles; or yet bound in a web of law:

Neatly - thoughtfully? -
the web was now aligned
along the hedge of neighbours and ourselves.

And I was humbled by knowing nothing
worth a spider's web.

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Comments (2)

How did I miss this poem? I thoroughly enjoyed it, Michael. Funny how sometimes the smallest and most inconsequential thing can give us utmost pleasure, and a whole new view of ourselves in a complicated world. A joy to read. Love, CJ
and in knowing that we know nothing, how can we determine a way to know what IT is that we are not even aware of. Thank you, a lovely poem: -)