Wedding Bells

I met a lady freind.
Somone i can always depend.

She was the sweetest thing i tasted
Too bad the bones had to be waisted

The pictures i keep of her
I look and boners do accor

all i did was find her weekness
The clises i made mached her uniqueness

I love her so much
Thats way i couldent just touch

I wore her outer layer
Makeing me an exelent conveyer

She is a art peice now
All the scraps by stumach would alou

I married one chunk of meat
the ceremony short and descreat

I gave her a kiss at the end
You have no idea how well she can bend

When she was full
It was boring and dull

I tossed her out
Found myself a boy scout

He is going on a camping trip
Not my falt if he happens to slip

by Stephanie Souter

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