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Wedding Bells
NS (12-01-1972 / New Delhi)

Wedding Bells

Poem By Nikunj Sharma

The stars shall shine little longer
tonight, little brighter as well, for they
need to match the spark of her eyes. The
flowers ' fragrance shall have to live

Longer, for the night is still young.
The Music shall have to fill the air, reach
farther, for the hearts have just begun
to move their feet. The nuptial

dance of destiny waits for the curtain
to be raised. The eyes shall have to
remain awake, for they need to witness
the genesis of a journey, that shall begin

tonight. The wedding ring finds a new
home, It shall enjoy a new freedom out
of the velvet box. The road
needs to convert itself into a runway

for the wishes shall take off and kiss
the clouds with their wings, aiming
for the horizon and nothing less. The
night sky has to create some space

for the eyes are full of stars tonight
The echo of music, shall resonate
till the doors of the dreams open
and welcome the couple in their home.

* For a friend who is getting married today.

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Comments (22)

Needs a poet like you, just in love.. Thankyou for your collection.
What a creatively poetic wonderful poem to show and describe the wedding feelings and setting. Great poetry. Beautifully written for your friend. Kudos. Pleez do write your thoughts under my newest poem too titled, dark skinned or fair skinned. I would love to have your views about it.
Wow if only I felt this way on my wedding day. And he would had said such beautiful words to me.We would still be together....Just beautiful work like always.
What a wedding gift for your friend. I am sure he/she would cherish it throughout their lives..
Wowwwwwwwwww yes the dance of destiny for the couple, has just begun The curtain raised once and ascended hope never to decend Right now that freedom so encompassed in that velvet box Opened, so that the echo of love and happiness resonates to others too the eyes are so full of stars O pray to the lord To keep them always shining Until death do them part A+++ dear Nikunj lovely poem