Wedding Bells Are Ringing

Wedding bells are ringing in the chapel,
and I’m falling in love again.
I am remembering all the good times,
when we were man and wife.
Remembering all the days before
you left me with this lonely, lonely life.

Now wedding bells are ringing,
out for someone new.
Let’s hope that they don’t follow
the same roads as me and you.
Those roads only lead to heartaches,
each mile along the way,
so let’s hope along those roads they don’t stray.

Wedding bells are ring in the chapel,
only I wish they were for me and you.
Then we would get another chance,
of trying to make our love run true,
learning from all the mistakes
that we made before, and
end with a happy endings sign hanging from our door.

2 August 2007

by David Harris

Comments (3)

Pertinantly, poignantly, wonderfully written. As a poem. D.... t x
Sound like another song of yours...sad song but left with a bit of hope
A Sad poem my friend, love lost...10