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Wedding Day!

Fire up the sky with rocket sparks!
Release balloons!
Dance after dark!
Science is betrothed to Art!
As witnesses shall ever tell,
no better dressed souls,
from heaven fell!

So Brothers! Sisters! Parents! Friends!
Gather round, your open hearts to lend!
For this, the journey of the lovely Nicola,
and handsome Monsieur Ben!

Light the fuse with music!
Not for moderated heart!
For soon we must this glorious church

And time on wings begins to fly!
We'll catch its tail, and swing it high!
To ride its great adventure!
On a promise and a prayer!
With our goodwill we too will share!

As Dawn ascends tommorow's sky,
We'll turn our heads and breathe a sigh,
This October day was beautiful!
and we as wondrous ghosts,
Play out this scene,
'a dream,
a dream'.

For only when truly happy,
do we see life as it is!
Not this stolen moment!
Or that broken kiss!

For a love revealed will cut through Time!
and Here,
and Now,
and In this Place,
it is

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This is a lovely read Willis, the flow was great and it unravelled beautifully. Very good indeed. Love Ernestine XXX