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Wedding @ Home

Marriages ain't made in hotels or resorts
(that could be back door policy of idiots)
Ah, my foolishly dearest Woman
When shall you this understand
Wedding will take place at home
With blessings of Papa and Mom
In the presence of family and kin
It is a social institution - not sin
Mr X the famous Social Science Topper
Did he not teach you this much, dear? ?

Let the folk people marry in a resort
With folk dance, wine and folk song
I am not that kind of a suave idiot
To the ole classical school I belong.

Hotels are for dinner post wedding
But for marriage, home is the thing

If to my honest proposal you don't agree
I shall gladly wait another century
I am never, never in any hurry
I know in this or in next life
One day you shall be my wife
I am not dying to get any job
For me love alone is enough.

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