MS (4/27/59 / Chandigarh, India)


Being happy
In wedlock
Is a nimble trick
You have to smile

Duck, maybe pout undercover
But put a dab of feigned ignorance
And carefully apply flatter dust to your
cheekbones, and let the dimples peek.

His eyes will twinkle, and the milk oh human kindness ooze
If you make karara parathas (or have a genie
who can whip up a gourmet feast while
you spray on chanel no.5)

Happily married is not a myth if
you look fresh as a muffin
but do not outshine his glory
It definitely helps to be blessed by temporary (not insanity)

but deafness and visual incongruity,
when you see him blinking his eyes at a younger,
not necessarily laudable specimen
The muse suggests to smile a lot,

Especially at the cute bloke and his fluttering
is replaced by a stony stare, in your direction
Well it worked, so share a drink or two
and sing (under your breath)

You look happy, they all say
Stretching, yoga, therapuetic massages and shopping binges
are very helpful to procure that blessed state of mind
A helpful hint though, its good to never forget

The male of the species is very insecure
A trifle can thwart his style
So shower him with praises and roll up your sleeves
to conjure up a trick or two,

The secret my dears of staying married regardless of your intellect
Is to walk the tight rope of career and homemaker
Do not lose his socks in the dryer, have a hot snack or two ready,
Errands caught up and home and hearth flowing with harmony.

Oh and for God's sake do not forget to add salt.......


by Monita Soni

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You do have it all figured out my friend! Thanks..