WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Wednesday 7,2009

Wednesday, October 7,2009

Are you for real, or just a figment of my imagination?
Could you be the one I've been searching for all my life?
Are you just a dream I dreamt once awaken in tears
Are you the vision I am holding onto so desperately?

Your eyes captivate my soul as a look into them
Your lips like cherry wine that fountain I want to drink from
Your skin so silky smooth glowing in the evening sky
Your hair shiny as the goddess of the night you are

Is it nothing more than a chance meeting?
Has fate raised its head smiling on me once more?
Has hope once again come knocking at my door?
Are bluer skies once again to shine light into my dismal world?

Please don't be an illusion, a mirage for long I've spent in the desert
You are an oasis unseen coloring my world with your magical touch
You are paradise on earth for unsurpassed beauty never I've seen before
You are the light to still the savage seas to calmer shores to bring

Pinch me for I must be dreaming illicitly
If I am dreaming, don't wake me for Nirvana I've truly found
If my eyes should never open again, I have seen god's greatest creation
No more shall I wonder effortlessly in the wilderness of life

I beg you, please, please, be real for my heart cannot stand the pain
I want nothing more than to hold you for the rest of my life
I want to kiss you passionately like no other before
I want to fill your days with enchantment and joy everlasting

I will be hopelessly under your spell and filled with devotion
I will bring you neither harm nor fear for you I will always care
I will worship the very ground you walk on
I will be your hippie for you are the drug I want to be hooked on

I will be grateful just to breathe the same air as you
I will move mountains out of your way
I will cross great distances to be by your side
I will vanquish any foe that is an obstacle to your happiness

I will give my immortal soul for your embrace
I will be the court jester to put a smile on your face
I will walk across molten lava just to drink of your lips
I will dance in the fiery flames of Hades just for your amusement

This I swear an oath to you, I shall never want another
I will kiss your lips and touch you gently for you are my world
The earth shall stand still and the rivers will flow at your whim
I will make you feel like the goddess and the queen of all desires

O' please, please, please be real for you are a dream come true
My heart will no longer beat for another
Every beat my heartbeats is for you, my sole desire
With you by my side, the world would melt away as I spend my days with you

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