Wednesday Nights

I miss the nights i spent talking to you
I miss the nights you used to make fun of me and josh
I miss all the laughter and smiles
I miss moaning about allan britt

I never thought i'd miss wednesday nights this much
I miss the two boys that became good friends
I miss the friends that I made
The friends i no longer see

I miss the bubbles, the attic and the walks
All the good memmories, are floating in my head
they are keeping me alive.

The times were you used to get annoyed with me
cause i was walking to slow or falling over
I remmber the times you helped me up

But I wish you were here now to turn this frown to a smile
I've been low for a while now
But these memmories are slowly bringing me back to life
but how long will these memmories last

by jess jayne

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