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Weeping Willows
UNM (Day's of The Past, Present, Future. / Southern United States)

Weeping Willows

Poem By Uloia Norris Moore

Gently in the breeze leaves do sway
caressing the face unto there touch
on the bank of the river while you lay

For in the weeping lays a pillow soft
as dawns misty blanket for the fawn
to be drawn to safely within

Mighty is such a tree branches
hanging down
for centuries undisturbed
such is she the tree
that few may see

Said such tree
all these years
in plain sight
availed themselves
such delight
winds gently blowing
millions of leaves unto
your body do cleave
if but willing to receive
the gift in the wind
softly bending of branch

Mother tree as you know
help to all souls

Stretch forth your finger tip
to her leaves
peace overcomes you
please make me
not leave
such as this the secret shared
but by few the wisdom from
ages past knowledge
she gives

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