Weighs The Truth

Poem By Pamela Davison

Hear me, my chiefs,
And know I am one
With the Mother,
Her sacred wind
Soothes my mind.
I have been called
To swim in the waters
Of honorable intent.

Hear me, my chiefs,
And know Sacred Mystery
Guides my personal creed.
I will walk gently upon
Her bosom, respecting
The drums of our ancestors.
It is the way of our people,
It is the path I will follow.

Hear me, my chiefs,
And know this world will see
A worthy warrior.
Ancient knowing grows
On the plains of my soul.
With each moon I will
Speak with my relations
And drink of her wisdom.

Hear me, my chiefs,
And know I will not forget
To walk in our traditions,
Living in the moment
Of eternal Creation.
Clear mind will cultivate
Peace and all will see
One Who Weighs the Truth.

Comments about Weighs The Truth

Works for me, carries the dignity of the tradition it is part of.

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4,0 out of 5
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