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Weight Of The World
KO (9/22 / Bronx, NY)

Weight Of The World

He looks down from the paradise that he inhabits he chuckles
As the weight of the world is on my shoulders and my left knee buckles
The world is getting to heavy and the sky is crashing down on my hands
Yet he just looks on without an attempt to help, staring from where he stands
And when I ask, he remains silent, eyes open and mouth agape
My mind is breaking and I find myself out of masking tape
My grip is giving in but I keep going on the thought of not giving in
Born a loser, but finally I'll actually be able to say that I win
So I move another step with the finish line appearing in the mist
My hunger for victory ovverides my sense, I trip and my foot starts to twist
Another minor setback, I force myself up and keep moving along
Closer and closer I get to the finish until I collapse, face hitting the ground
The world has fallen upon me and He looks on, shaken from the sound
My body lies motionless on the concrete for several minutes when something shakes
The world rises a small amount and my feet are visible while the ground breaks
I start taking steps faster and faster to keep away from the cracks
But it is getting closer very steadily and I excert more strength
I'm inches from the ending, He's looking on as I reach the track's length
It is complete and a weight gets lifted off quickly and I am relieved of the pain
He comes down and congratulates me and tells me why he forced me with the strain
He told me that I was chosen because of my inability to quit
And he tells me the something important and I will not forget it
He said I was a reflection of him, and that as long as the earth stands
The weight of the world will always be in my hands
So I carry the burden faithfully and accept my gift gratefully
Keeping the world on my shoulders so that the guns of life are released from their holsters. 

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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