VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Weightless Crow Dances

Is that crow sitting on the leaf or branch? !
I take that far sight and wonder.
Wah… Crow is dancing!
With each blow of the wind.

The branch is at strong sway
Crow is not giving up.
At last, wind stops
And the crow flies away.

Weightless Crow Dances
On that swaying branch.


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Comments (10)

Vidi, keen observation and good imagery! - Raj Nandy
You are an excellent imagist.I have always admired crows. Their bravery in the face of adversity is legendary. Warm regards, Sandra
Of the three..mighty wind, weighty branch, weightless crow..you mean to say the crow wins...? correct..I agree 10+++
the crow and the swaying branch...i admire your observing quality Vidi...not forgetting the quality of the imagery you bring in your write...thanks...10
Nice work and sometimes the crow sleeping under the safeguard of its inner vigelence too...., and sometimes the dead bunches also, good message, thanks 10++
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