Weird Equation

familiarity breeds contempt.

human beings lying dead,
anywhere, due to any cause,
contorts your face.
nose covered with the hanky,
eyes darting away from the sight,
you fervently wished you had
not crossed the way.

poor man!
no bier waits for him.
except the municipal van.

dogs dying on the street
the animal activists preponderate,
tigers dying in the forests,
half a million signatures
to the govt,

an indian
awaiting sure death
from the noose in a foreign land,
no signature,
no activist,
no breast beating
from politicians,
pseudo patriots.


by samyak jain

Comments (2)

i enjoyed the about you which i read before reading this, your last poem on the list. well, maybe some of the dogs or tigers were people once or will someday be people? who is to say which animals should receive more compassion than others. i too wish that all men could/would be good men(or women) deserving (whatever that means) of respect and consideration for their welfare. i'm not sure of the reason for the first line.........but i have an idea. preponderate was a new word for me; well-chosen by you. it is, for me, a well-constructed, thought-if-not-action-provoking poem. well done. thanks for sharing. :) p.s. i am no 'animal activist', but i do know that, for some people, dogs and cats and other pets, and wild animals bring comfort and/or exhilaration to many people, often more than those people get from other human beings.
no more is any sanctity attached to human life in this age of speeding technological marvels!