Luck Was Going The Other Way

I spotted her first
Over my news paper
In the other compartment
Across the track
Luck was going the other way

Several times again
In the exam hall
At the movies
At the games
Ofcourse with cards
Or simply strolling the mall
Luck, and her charismatic companion
Were always turning the other corner
Always going the other way

Luck was going the other way
On the up escalator
As I rode the down

I decided then to visit her
With all my cards
And a brave smile on my face
I was to go and visit the Lady
But just then at my door I found
Miss Fortune.

by Deepak Manchanda of Delhi

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O! dear eighteen let the hope to grow O! ...O! ... eighteen start new trends Be always blissful and keep happy my friends..... such a great poem welcoming 2018 full of hope. thank you dear poet. tony