Here the persons clothing expresses their character and personality
Selling drugs is a symbol of courage, prestigious as the purple heart itself
Racism walks with a vibe just as silent as the K in knowledge
Treachery is a trait expressed in our DNA
Differences amongst the people make the difference
Segregation is no longer considered Jim Crow, but the ignorance of our past
Our so called role models read the wrong scripts
Smiles are untold just as frowns are upheld
Sex is no longer a show of affection but an initiation into adult hood.
Money is everything
And Love means nothing
Welcome to todays society

by Takaeo Hester

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You paint a very sad reflection Takaeo, and you are only 15? We adults should be ashamed of ourselves. I am sorry to see life this way, but you are honest and maybe we can change things for the better. I gave you 9 because I've been hassled in the past. It should have been 10. Sorry Tai