Neurology Lesson

The doctor sat in front of Joe
and asked him first to smile.
Joe did not have a thing today
to smile about, thus he did not.
Now clench your teeth was next,
and then a Q-tip touched his eye,
a dash of sugar on the tongue,
now wink and blink and frown,
a wooden spoon got stuck into
the mouth, back to the throat.
Joe called the nurse and said
that Doc had lost it here for good.
But little did he know, how much
and with such little effort,
the cranial nerves inside his head
had easily revealed their secrets.
When he was told at last, he knew
that one good answer would be fair.
He smiled the smile of number five,
also called trigeminal. Now you know.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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When was this poem written? Whenever, it is a tome for our time.