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Welcome Home

Brought myself home from the Nam today
Things have changed don't know what to say
A lot of dirty looks, lots of turned heads
Has there been a mistake, should I be dead.

Things don't feel right here in the US of A
Something strange inside will not go away
I hear people talk, none of it good
I honestly would change things if only I could

I still don't understand what it was about
From day one all I wanted was out
People want to know what it was like in Nam
How do you explain what they wouldn't understand

I don't like to talk about unpleasant thoughts
Then people say I'm weird because I won't talk
All they wanna hear about is blood, and you
Then let them go, let them go to war

372 days spent in the Nam
Can't say I'm proud of any of them
Still no answers nothing but lies
All I really wanted to know is why.

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