Grandma's Last Wish

She didn't sit beside her grandma's bed
Just stood there listening to
What the old woman said
Grandma hoped God was leading each word
To allow her granddaughter to find her true Lord
God gave her seventy years of peace and grace
And she wanted this child to know she had a special place

Four feet tall, little Alice didn't need to kneel
Head touching head, Alice began to feel
All the things her grandma wanted to say
So, though she wasn't asked to, she knelt down to pray.

And this is where Alice began, it is said
To become a believer, next to that bed.
Unspoken old woman playing a big role
In making Alice she that she had a soul.

Your loved ones have noticed the fine gold you have spun
So go to your grave with knowledge of what you have done.

by Bonnie Alvarez

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Never tires of you No matter what you do It is all your choice what value and quality from her you receive She'll never disappoint That's a slice i choose to cut for myself....10+++++++
Imagining the new year as newly married bride is a nice idea and nice ideas lead to nice poems, nice to read this beautiful poem.
2019! ! With the muse of the young bride! A ride with life. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
While embracing this beautiful poem, I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year my friend! Stay always happy and blessed.............Dillip
Excellent write for the New Year...blessings
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