Welcome To Damnation

I am the poison that destroys your mind
the blood congealed spew, you'll never find
Washed over and under, drowning your lies
Deleting your thoughts making them die

I twist them around, make them more black
With my venomous spray, I wretchedly attack
Sinking deeper into your innermost cravings
Dissolving you to mush making you rant and rave

Corroding like acid, burning like hell
The deeper I go, the longer I dwell
Screaming with pain, trembling with fear
Your madness is drawing ever so near

You dropp to your knees, fall to the ground
Scream like a banshee, as you roll around
Silent gargle for mercy, eyes filled with sorrow
Welcome to damnation where, there is no tomorrow

by G00dy2 Shoes

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