Welcome To Horrorsville

Upon a stormy rainy day
I sat down and prepared
Although tomorrow’s skies were gray
To venture through I dared
I’d traveled long I’d traveled through
I’m halfway round the world
And now I sit amidst the dew
Thinking my journey absurd
A tale of Horrorsville I heard
A long forgotten place
A secret village long been cursed
A place that time erased
According to this tale of old
My partner and I learned
Anyone who dares go there
Never shall return
And since it’s passed to legend
And lost is the true name
Based off of the story
Horrorsville is what it became
And he set off to make the claim
He beat me to the spot
But I share half of his wanted fame
And I will have my shot
And so tomorrow I set off
From here a three week trip
To get into the lands of lost
To cross reality’s rift
- - - - - - - - - - -
For days before now I endured
The wrath of hidden traps
I grew weary, I grew sore
But I can’t just give up yet
The trail I found, a narrow path
The gateway to this world
For the sand and dirt was made of black
And death was to return
So I trekked the path into
The trees first thick then thin
These woods I did venture through
Until all was clear again
I was standing on the top
Of a black seared rocky cliff
No sun nor trees or plant nor crop
It loomed over the village
I looked down in shock and awe
I’d found the land at last
I’d made it to the place long lost
I’d uncovered the past
But I had not gone so long
To stand, stare open mouthed
And leaving behind dusk and dawn
Began the perilous journey down
- - - - - - - - - - - -
I stood outside the rusted gates
That stabbed into the sky
Above were only clouds of gray
And “Welcome” read a sign
I took a breath and picked the lock
Stepped foot into the town
Towers tall of granite and rock
Loomed up as I stood down
I walked the solemn gray main road
And I found, odd enough
Embedded in the place of stone
Were tiny homes and shops
It looked untouched from all these years
Decay was kept at bay
I half expected daily life
And children out to play
Yet a feel of death was emanating
But not coming from the stone
Rather from my haunted feeling
Of persons unknown
When I had walked the roads full length
I halted in my tracks
I’d come upon a second gate
Which held a graveyard back
Again I pushed into the gate
And stared among the rows
Studying names I walked through
My curiosity grown
And after 7 rows had passed
I saw the names and dates
Of all those who had not come back
But all tombs anciently aged
And that’s when I heard the noise
That came from behind
Of a deadly and decayed voice
That stabbed into my mind
I turned around that’s when I saw
The figure cloaked in black
Enough a sight to make skin crawl
I tripped on my step back

“Your life and all that have done
Will soon become erased
Don’t try to escape or run
You cannot leave the gates”

And sure enough I turned to flee
And smashed against the gate
But though I could get very close
My force carried no weight

“You lie black ghost you speak untrue
Now listen as I say
My friend to see I ask of you
It’s why I came today”

Inhuman still the figure stood
But shuddered in the wind
He reached up to lower his hood
I saw that it was him

“The last person to enter is the
Keeper of the gate
The person after that’s to come
Shall have to take his place”

And that is when I heard a crack
I spun my head around
The people from the town out back
I saw they surrounded now
And at the wave of a hand
I was dressed in the black cloak
In this spot I still stand
Eternally a ghost

by Melissa K Vigna

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That was a lot of fun!
Wow. Totally love this one! Have been reading your others and am so impressed. Very talented. A wonderful storyteller. These are the types I love to read. Thanks for sharing your gift!