Welcome To Jubilee 2000!

In celebration of the new millennium, and in anticipation of a new century the following contemplations are spawned: 2000 Contemplations "We live at a time when saints and sinners will arrive at the forefront to mingle;
and, at times it will be decisive. They each share one common bond: both seize the
opportunity to penetrate a potential soul." "Rid the flesh of appetite: gifts will come to you and favors will land on your
doorstep." "Why millions comes to one and meager thousands to another who possess mutual
work ethic remains a mystery. Both are tempted by the streets. Thereby, neither
becomes the lesser; and therefore," 'All men are created equal.'" "Would you rather drown in financial freedom or survive in mere poverty?" "Health, beauty, and financial security are fleeting. A man's word, work ethic and
reputation remain."

by Carolyn Hartnett

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