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Welcome To My Family (Good Luck)

everyone has a place in a family
there are the crazy uncles
the wild aunts
the anger father
the gently mother
the sneaky cousins
the giving grandmother
the wise grandfather
the mature child
haha what a dream that is
meet my real family
drunk, abusive, or controlling uncles
crazy, angry, stressed, and untrust worthy aunts
alcoholic father that was never there
two faced, angry and high on herself mother
pissed off mood swing step father
lying and sneaky cousins
two faced grandmother
old fashion grandfather
a child who was never allowed to be a child
that child is me
and I am the black sheep of this family
the unwanted one
anyone in there right mind would not want to join this family
I sure as hell would love to run from it
so that is my family
you ever come never them i wish you good luck
for they can drive anyone to wits end

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