( / Colorado)

Welcome to the Future

Richard propped up the bottles
like bowling pins

I had fallen into despair
did this bother him

when Richard left I broke
my throat I bit my tongue

cracked teeth my mouth split my lip
smashed chairs in the bar trashed

poems I was writing
all this breaking was very expensive

there is no Richard but I think it was Richard
who had the idea of pouring libations

because of the stumbling thirst
because our lives are like that

I am writing this to do as right as possible by Richard
think back to the bed look out at the bar

the fragrant medicinal flasks
I don't care to drink anymore because when I drink

it makes me hopeless
Richard, are you going to come back

to the bar where you belong
or just leave me here

here is a flask
I am tired of being metaphysical

our bar is a winter bar
at night we need the dream

of all the objects lined up in a row

by Deborah Landau

Comments (7)

A dream perhaps or nightmare were reality and fantasy are mixed, illogically, as dreams are. But the reader feels it and can see it too. Quiet a poem!
A beautifully envisioned great poem with a fantastic flight of imagery. Thanks for sharing it here.
Wow! What a poem! Super expressions! Super skill! A modern poem in every way!
Fantastic expression to expose poetic passion. Beauty sometimes makes all the objects useless. Thanks.
Very nice. Thanks for sharing and congrats.
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