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Welcome To The Planet: A Greeting For Newborns

This day, we welcome you.
We teach our ways to greet you.

We are one kind among many the world encircles.
Touch all gently.

Our people are near us always.
Find yourself among the best.

Cities display our inventions and designs.
Watch, wonder, and wander away.

Highways are dark and long, concrete and crowded.
Make your own way.

Birds and beasts bring news of the planet.
Good news for your ears only.

The sea foretells the past and future.
Live now.

Soil is the source of the great and the humble.
See the small creatures close.

Mountains reveal nothing lasts.
Make peace with this.

Rivers flow in the direction of days.
Mark the many courses well.

Woods are where the world breathes.
Breathe deeply.

We greet you as your way begins.

Welcome to the planet.
Welcome home.

by Eric Paul Shaffer

Comments (2)

Poetry Hound, you make a good point, so I have added the poem's subtitle in order to clarify the addressee. Thank you.
You have some beautiful imagery - 'Rivers flow in the direction of days' is a wonderful line. The poem almost reads like a haiku even though it's obviously longer. Not clear to me who this is being addressed to or who the 'we' are.