Welcome To The World

Welcome to the world,
where the youth speak
words of doom and depair.
They carry the weight of
the futures fate and there
innocence is stripped bare.

White kids wanting black kids skin,
Black kids not knowing where to begin,
Keep there culture or adopt a new talk,
Keep there idenity or walk a new walk.

Left wing, right wing, broken wing
Welcome to family meltdown,
and nights of green and brown.

Once there was girls with cute little curls,
Now it's trappy tarts and vulgar vixens,
Where once there was hope in democracy,
Now its delusion and contradictions.

Am I pessimistic? probably,
telling the truth?
oh honestly.

Heavy feat are sinking in streams of spit,
eyes blinded by leftover dreamy grit.

Welcome to the world,
where faith is a word seldom held.
Take me by the hand,
raise me from this barren land.

by Not Long Left

Comments (2)

Verse 2 really shot into me, Vincey. Sounds like 'A Plea to Dagenham, Part 2'. Your disdain and dismay with your environment comes across loud and clear. Have you been to Faber and Faber? Gina.
I suppose were from the Old School Vince, nice read keep-em comin dave