(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Welcome True Happiness

Remove all the makeup.
Do not put it in storage.
Throw it away.
Be unafraid to expose,
Every blemish and flaw.
Admit those mistakes to have made.
Face them with an effort to endeavor,
Leaving behind...
Disappointments created.
To live a life to have faked.
Begin to welcome true happiness.
Being oneself can not replace.
With it done to discover so many others,
Choosing to imitate living their lives...
Lieing to themselves.
In attempts to find approval.
To then feel unappreciated,
For the time they took to be accepted.

"How on God's Earth.
Can you live like that? "

-Say what?
How on God's Earth,
Can I live like...how?
What do you mean? -

"Being yourself.
In such an obvious way.
And pretending to care less,
To be ignored.
I could never be that brave."

-Are you happy? -

"Who today is happy?
And for what reason should anyone be? "

-Take off that mask.
Then ask me again that same question.-

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