From a cold and exhausting long trip
on Her Majesty's Post Office ship
after Customs they cleared
hand in hand they appeared.
Funny couple, they looked rather hip.

Introduced her as Mrs. B.
He then smiled and said 'THEO', that's me.
We bring greetings and laughter
and we hope to, hereafter
have a NEW home, my auntie and me.

They brought greetings and laughter and love
and the gentle appeal of a dove
as we share their delight
and their mischief, so bright,
as they twinkle like stars from above.

So I asked Mrs. B. for advice
on a problem unique to us guys.
And she tilted her head
and sat up in her bed,
said you need to look into her eyes.

There you'll find all your questions indeed,
the appropriate answers you need.
To confirm what you see
you must ask her to be
your kind spirit that just has been freed.

And she rambled on into the night,
about love and what's wrong and what's right.
Now we know that she's wise
but before the sunrise
I said BEBO and turned off the light.

Do you wonder who sent Mrs. B.
and her nephew named Theo to me?
'Twas a beautiful friend
who'd decided to send
a small piece of her heart and a key.

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (2)

I Love it. Your best metre from start till end. And I would love to look into your eyes. They must reflect the love, strength and wisdom ithat is within your heart. Because your poetry sure does. Thank you.
A very charming poem and again, it moved me at the end.