(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Welcomed Aboard

The ugliness of defied denial.
To face.
Can become an unbearable place.
One unexpectedly finds to be in.
Especially when warned.
Not to accept being welcomed aboard,
A beautifully adorned and decorated ship.
Docked and shown to have passengers on it,
Looking as if...
They wished they had sought substance.
Instead of images to follow.
That has left them sickened.
By an ignorance to believe,
Impressions to make...
Would leave them to benefit from it.
In a way it has.
Regretting what has come to pass.
And the ugliness and truth of it.
Has a lesson to learn never to forget.
With a benefit of this,
To maybe one day become beneficial.
And not so far away from one's reach.

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