Welcoming All Sad Dreams (A Secret Poem)

Poem By Paul Savio Hearn

God forbid I wake up,
Let me lay to rest;
The saddest man in the world I am,
Depressed - crestfallen at best.

"Just an old-fashioned melancholy, " I'd declare,
(Referring to the depths of despair)
"Just a case of the blues, " they'd agree,
And yet I'm
Such a downright denial of depression,
The word itself is embarrassing aloud -
I will remain in a closeted forlorn,
Not openly miserable and proud.

God forbid I fall asleep,
Pleasant dreams: A Torment! Agony!
Only the saddest of dreams are welcome,
Else let slumber consume me entirely

I see myself with her and she's smiling?
This dream is a bastardised fiction.
Omits all the crying, our mistakes I mean my mistakes -
Sorry, my mistake.

At dusk I fear the thoughts that circulate my mind
The light at the end of my tunnel is simply a fake…
Dreaded REM performs to cause me hurt.
Again comes dawn, yes, I'm disappointed I'm awake

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