KNR (August 28,1976 / Southern Oklahoma... )

Welfare Hell!

Lil' chillins runnin' 'round
Actin' like supa villians.
Babies cryin', Mother's tryin'
Ole' men caughin' and a snortin',
Women of all ages beggin' to be seen,
The ladies behind the front counter
Pretendin' to be supportin' all those
Who walk through their doors,
The man standin' next to you smells
Like he's drowned a 12 pack of Coors!

Your appointment was an hour ago,
Your stomach's turnin' more sour,
Suddenly you get a feelin' of bein' gass'd
Which worstens with every minute pass'd!

Toddlers pacifire rolls to your feet,
Mother sends her oldest and wipes it off
With a grungy paper sheet!

Body's achin'! Fever's increasin'!
Welfare's people pollutin' their own air,
They finally call you back,
To find out the rooms are all full,
You'll have to share with a woman on crack!

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Comments (6)

It's saddening how some things in life is unbearably sickening when we are sick ourselves and wanted even just a moment of comforting break- a hospital or a welfare...been there, and it hurt that much to be part of the picture.Very good imagery Kristin.You moved my heart with this. Thanks for sharing. Love and Hugs, Rain
I really liked 'Welfare Hell! ' i thought they descriptions were really vibrant and i found it really funny!
wow that was shocking! Nice piece of Artistry!
Hi Kristen. I see exactly what you mean as I see it myself. True words spoken.Brill.10/10xxx
Many, many years ago I experienced this w/ a friend. You are so right. Your imagery produces the truth! Patricia
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