I Have Three Passions

I have three passions: the
sun and the wind and the sea,
to feel the sun burning me, to
feel the wind’s soft caress,
to swim in the sea, to see the
silvery light of the sun effervescent
shine creating the copper sunsets,
to listen to the wind whispering,
hearing voices and softness,
feel the sea washing over me,
to taste the salt on my lips,
to be free away from life in a city,
ever sedentary - cooped up in buildings,
forced into jobs that smother my soul
until I feel like ghoul-like, only living
a half-life until I am free of my body,
chained to a life I’ve never mastered,
where passion and life are smothered…
oh, to be free, to be myself for Death’s
embrace, to take me away from criticism,
self-reproach and sadness, the eternal
guilt for being me!

by Margaret Alice

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